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Songkran Festival

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Songkran festival

Songkran festival or Water festival is a traditional Thai New Year’s day, it’s celebrated everywhere around Thailand and it falls on 13-15 April every year. The most popular Songkran celebrations are in Chiangmai, Thailand, it continues for six days or longer.

The most obvious celebration of Songkran is throwing water, you will see water guns are selling everywhere in this period and a lot of water containers on the side of the street.

Buddhist people go to the temples to give food to the monks to bring their good luck for the New Year, They may clean Buddha images and pouring Buddha images with water mixed with Thai fragrance. People who works somewhere else will return to their hometown to celebrate Songkran festival with their families.

You can celebrate Songkran anywhere in Thailand.






Lights out Phuket 2012

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Switching off your lights for 60 minutes can help a lot to save the earth. We all need to help preserve this planet to be with us a long time. At present our world changes so fast. Caused by human activities including most people wasting  energy.

That is the reason that people do not care to pay attention to waste electricity consumption are some of the causes of global warming because of the electricity we use and waste every day and  the majority of energy is produced by burning  coal, oil and natural gas. Too much energy is wasted and contributes to greenhouse gases and air pollution.

We should save energy.

That will help reduce global warming. It also can help economically as well as help save our world. Please everyone including Celebrities, Actors and the Famous and YOU get together to invite people to help each other save the world with switching of your lights for Earth Hour this Saturday the 31st March. We can all bring the world together to pledge action towards a better environment.

It’s a necessity.

The slogan of Earth Hour this year is “I will if you will” which is a simple promise for everybody.



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